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At Avaza, we are dedicated to reimagining the way seniors can enjoy an active and independent lifestyle and making it easier for you to take care of the seniors in your life. But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out what our clients have to say about Avaza’s packages and services and how it’s made a difference in the life of seniors who are a part of the Avaza family.

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It's been almost 3 years since my mother-in-law passed away and my father-in-law who is currently 83 years of age lives by himself in Bangalore. We live in the US and I came across Avaza when I was looking for some services to help him with errands.

Long story short, our Avaza care manager and her team are like family to him while we are away - they really care. They call to check in on my father-in-law every day. They understand what he needs and are always there to get everything done so effortlessly. He loves his independence and his chores are taken care of for him.

He seems so cheerful. In fact, when I called him yesterday to ask him about his next dose of the vaccination, he said "Don't worry! My care manager and her team know when it is scheduled and she will take care of everything for me." It means so much to us, that there is a very reliable person and an extended team to care of all his needs for us.

They have provided a full range of services for my elderly father-in-law like home-cooked breakfast deliveries organised on a daily basis, assisted him in getting his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, organised his passport renewal, arranged car travel and so many more things he wants to get done, making him really independent and letting him enjoy his time and do whatever he feels like. Being physically so far away, Avaza's services puts us at ease, knowing that he is being taken care of for his every day needs.
Geeta Vasant
Bay area, US
When you live in another city and your parents live by themselves you worry. As they age it becomes important to have a good infrastructure and support around them. While you can depend on some family and friends often everyone has their own troubles.

During the pandemic I was stuck in another city and my siblings live abroad. My dad can’t do all the things he could before and my mother managed looking after him and manage the house for a bit but got down herself. That’s when AVAZA came in like a knight in shining armour.

They are like family, are in touch on a daily basis with my folks and make it a point to keep me posted as I am often busy.

They manage schedules, appointments, arrange for driver’s, medical tests, online yoga... basically anything you need will get done.

They are a passionate bunch and take feedback seriously and on a path to better people’s lives. It’s a great service and I recommend them highly.
Mumbai, India