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Avaza is a one-stop platform for senior lifestyle services

We promise Safety, Trust, and Reliability
Members benefit from Independence, Dignity and Community

Daily Errands

Avaza personalized senior and parent care fulfils your grocery lists
Avaza Services

The daily chores that we can and can’t do without. Avaza takes them off your hands with an extensive list of runner, errand and chore services that ticks many things off your grocery and to-do lists. Check out more below:

Grocery and essentials Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Pet supplies  Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Pet care Avaza_VIP
Laundry, ironing, dry cleaning   Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Home-cooked meal delivery Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Food delivery Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Gifts and lifestyle Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Runner services – pick up and drop Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP

Personal care​

Avaza assists with travel and appointments
Avaza Services

Looking for company when visiting a local spot or help with booking a salon appointment? Avaza assists its members with a range of personal, health and mental care activities. Based on your package, we can offer in-person assistance or simply assist with setting up your day. Check out more below:

Social activities Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Grooming (hair/salon services) Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Personal concierge for shopping Avaza_VIP
Prescription refills and reminders Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Health and wellness shopping Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
At-home diagnostics Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Medical appointments and record keeping Avaza_VIP
Counselling services Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Assisted local travel Avaza_VIP

Home management​

Avaza handles technical and technology support for seniors
Avaza Services

We assist with end-to-end home management tasks by connecting you with technicians, scheduling jobs, assisting with supervision, and more. Check out our home management services below:

Home shopping (ordering household goods, electronics, etc.) Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Scheduled housekeeping Avaza_VIP
Emergency housekeeping Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Repair services (plumbing, electrical, HVAC and networking) Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Vehicle Maintenance Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Pet grooming and vet visits Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Utility bill payments Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Managing service subscriptions and renewals Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Online technical support Avaza_Elite Avaza_VIP
Personal technical support Avaza_VIP

Choose your Avaza package

  • Avaza_VIP
    From: 10,000.00 / month for 12 months and a 1,100.00 sign-up fee
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  • Avaza_Elite
    From: 7,500.00 / month for 12 months and a 1,100.00 sign-up fee
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