• A premium lifestyle concierge for elders

  • Making life simpler for the elderly

    "He seems so cheerful! Avaza has provided a full range of services for my 83 year old father-in-law, making him really independent and letting him enjoy his time and do whatever he feels like. "

    - Geeta Vasant, Bay Area, USA

  • A solution to long-distance parental care

    "They are like family, are in touch on a daily basis with my folks and make it a point to keep me posted. It's a great service and I recommend them highly. Thank you, Avaza. Truly I can sleep easy."

    - Lydia Buthello, Mumbai, India 

What we do

We help seniors choose an active and independent lifestyle.
Avaza is a premium lifestyle concierge service for senior citizens. More than assisting, Avaza empowers the elderly to live a fuller, independent and fulfilling life – no matter their age.
We have an extensive list of services for elders including everything from daily home management, personal care, utility payments, runner services, personal shoppers, assisted travel, holiday planning, health and wellbeing, and more.
Avaza’s services

Daily errands

Free up your time to do the things you enjoy. Let Avaza run your errands, pick up your groceries and essentials, arrange curated meal plans and more.

Health and wellness

Avaza can arrange daily check-ins and provide elder care by connecting you to the best medical expertise, at home health check ups and vaccination assistance.

Personal care

Avaza can help you achieve an active lifestyle. We provide assistance with setting up personal, health care and social activities including in-person assistance.

Home management

Avaza will take care of your home management needs safely and on time. From bill payments to home shopping, vehicle maintenance and tech support.

Travel planning

Avaza helps seniors with booking flight tickets, passport renewals, airport transfers and any other travel needs so you can enjoy a stress free travel experience.

Event planning

Avaza can plan special events or social activities for seniors, helping you make happy memories. We  work with our partners who pay attention to every important detail. 

And this is all made easier with our secure e-wallet system

Avaza’s e-wallet makes each transaction efficient and smooth, without needing to transfer money for every errand or purchase, whether for yourself or your loved one.

You can pre-authorise some funds for your wallet once your subscription is active. This is to make payments easier for you when you want to book services

A gift for your loved one or a gift for yourself


Looking to home deliver love and care​ to your parents?

Or indulge in self-love in your golden years?

Avaza is especially tailored for you if you are away from your parents and wonder how to be of assistance without being physically present. Our comprehensive packages include everything from personal shoppers and holiday planners to home management and runner services. If you’re a senior looking for assistance with everyday needs, Avaza can fulfil your daily, weekly and monthly tasks so you can focus on your happiness and wellbeing. Everything from paying your phone bill to refilling your medical prescription, Avaza is here for you.

The Avaza Promise

A one-stop platform for senior lifestyle management services.
Avaza in Sanskrit means being independent, free or unrestrained.

Our promise: Safety, Trust and Reliability

  • So you Benefit from: Independence, Dignity and community​
  • So you can enjoy: Curated packages,  trained lifestyle managers and Pre-qualified vendors
  • So you can: Live an independent lifestyle, prioritize your time doing the things you love and connect with a safe community of peers

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